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It's a great one-of-its-kind business opportunity without any loopholes. Yes, you can make a long term reliable income with this powerful method." This is the opportunity being offered to you by this e-commerce product selling wp template that utilizes banner ads to great effect.

A long list of digital items is already programmed into it. Meaning you have to do very little to get back a healthy and full return on your investment! If you are trying to make extra money or find an alternative way to make a financially stable living, this template can get you where you want to be in no time.

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Keeping your business alive comes down to sales. It's the food that keeps the business running. Needless to say, a body that doesn't have food for a prolonged period of time is in danger. Your business needs food, so the question becomes, "How do you want to get it?" There are three ways for you to generate sales:

  • * You can hide out on the hunt, waiting and hoping that they can strike something.

  • * You can grab this amazing product to get the secret sauce to a successful business.

How many income streams can you handle ?

You will get not only one store, but Three income streams:

  • 1- A long list of 196 digital products already programmed into the template for you to sell.

  • 2- Banner ads spots coded in the site so you can add your AdSense ads or any other affiliate banners to earn by promoting different network ads.

  • 3- Reselling the template.You will get sales letter too.
    use this simple formula.[ Keep in mind its fresh template and never used before ]
    Change Colour
    Change Header
    New Domain
    Cash-ing $$$$$$

Install In Seconds

Using the introduced method, you can install the site in just a few clicks in a fully automated manner. No technical knowledge required at all for installing this site.

No webmaster experience, no problem!

I have created set video tutorials to help you install, modify and maintain the website.

    The Tutorials Are As Follows:

  • How to add banner in header.
  • How to add banners ad in footer.
  • How to add new product in site.
  • How to add paypal in payment gateway.
  • How to create backup using duplicate plugin.
  • How to edit copyrights text in footer.
  • How to remove product.
  • How to restore the site from backup.
  • How to work with single page widgets.
  • Working with footer widgets.

  • If you need any help then you can hit me up @
Act fast, opportunity doesn't wait for anyone.
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As Special Offer, I am offering a PACKAGE included in sales for the first 20 sales. Buyers who get this extra package will have access to a 60 COMPLETE DAYS free update and support (via the support desk).

So, What’s The Price?

There are lots of tempting offers in cyber space, and as with everything in life, you get what you pay for. There are cheap deals out there for $15 – $35 (and you know what you get for that), and there are deals out there for thousands of dollars. My stuff is somewhere in the middle....The price I came up with is…

NOT $199

Just $77

Get this package, so you can sell the site to others as well as selling products and make even more profit. You will also get a sales page to help you get as many sales as you want easily.

Yes, that’s just $77 for full package of DSWT

Ok, so let’s summarize....
With this WSO you will have access to:
  • Special Coded Custom WordPress Template With All Product
  • Psd File Of Logo
  • Psd File Of Ecover
  • Video Tutorials For Maintaining The Site
  • Sales Page Website
  • Resell Rights License

  • now you just need hosting and domain which is not including with this offer

    You will get exactly like this

    This is demo for this theme when buyer placing an order.

All these for a small ONE TIME amount of $77 Only

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